Oct 19, 2011

Reflecting to progress

Ever since Steve Jobs died, we've seen a plethora of Steve Jobs related 'iStatuses'. He was a great man and what he'd accomplished is by no means short of legendary. But I think a lot of people have been posting all these due to it being the talk of the town :/ How stereotypical.

Never mind, this post isn't about Late Mr. Jobs.

On a personal note, I'd like to talk about a perspective. It might be flawed, but then, its my own idea. We all want to do so much, in so less time that we usually end up not doing much. Being productive is not really that difficult a thing, but it usually needs passion and self-discipline.

So, the perspective I'd like to present is what I might call - 'mirror-check'. When we start our day, we should reflect on what we would like to accomplish. By consciously thinking about what we're going to do and accomplish, we will eventually influence all our daily doings. And that way, we would be right on track for the day. A la Carpe Diem ;)

This might seem trivial, but it might just work for you. Try it.

Sep 30, 2011


I was pondering over my over-stretched inactivity on my blog. Its really been a very long time with absolutely no valid reason to back it up.
Internet connectivity hasn't been a problem, neither was the lack of time .I could certainly not blame my creativity. It's  weird to even say that I had nothing to write about in such a long time. In fact I feel had so much to write about. But I'm a procrastinator. Being erratic is the very essence of being me. Pushing things aside till the very deadline and approaching them a night before, only to accomplish the tasks in a chaotic manner, are the very things I do.


Lets start over. Its time for a change.