Mar 13, 2007

Life is not a bed of roses

There have been many instances in my life when I feel like , like , arrghhhh!!!! I feel like shouting.... Its become my second nature to do so every so often. I don't have quite many friends for this sole reason.. I'm impatient. Period. Very impatient. And impractical.
I just don't know how my near ones handle me? Had it been me ... I would have severed ties with me self. My god my tourniquet... save me from the nerd that I've become..
Have high expectations of me self and have no efforts in making these expectations come true... I feel I'm too smart.. Too great.. too witty.. and too creative... I think I'm a geek!! hah!! such foolish I am.
Life has been kind to me so far.. But not any more.. My bad days have started to come.. I can sense it.. My downfall as a person, a human being, a student has begun...
Not that its anybody's fault.. Its all mine. The misery, the hatred ,the fall... all is mine... I'm happy at last... Finally, I've screwed my life...

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