Apr 19, 2007

Google Analytics...

Google, the grand daddy of search engines, is associated with a great lot of interesting sites and web-services. One of their services, Google analytics is a great resource for web-masters,bloggers and all those who want to monitor their web-traffic. I've been using it for some time on my web-site under construction and also on my blogs and have been able to track the number of visitors, their source of entry to my site, their approximate locations, the number of daily visits, the number of returning visitors and a bouquet of other things with a lot of ease.
For someone who wants to just track the number of hits to his site, Google analytics is an overkill. But for those, who are on a lookout to increase their web revenue by modifying their tactics based on the Google analytics reports, it works wonders. The web-masters can also monitor which sections(pages) of the web-site are most viewed and hence can modify their content based on the viewer interests, to improve web-revenue. In fact, web analytics is a huge market and there's a great lot more to it. If you're serious about improving the traffic to your site, definitely give it a try. And guess what, its very easy to get started with, like most things Google - simple but mightily effective.
Try Google analytics by clicking here.
For more info on Google analytics ,click here.


  1. Yes, heard a lot about google analytics.

    Word of advice to wordpress hosted blogs:- Google analytics is already used by WP. :D

  2. Yeah, i noticd it in my wordpress blog.Evn by Orkut.