Apr 20, 2007

Hide Data by embedding them in files...

This technique is called steganography. Using it, you can hide your zip files inside .gif and .jpg images. Many readymade tools are available for it. But I'll go the cooler (command line) way. It works because .gif files keep all of their information in the headers, while .zip files keep them in the footer. Since that's the case, .gif viewers read from the front of the file, while .zip readers read from the end.
Hence, we append the .zip file to a .gif file.
For Windows/DOS Shell users, type the following in command prompt:
copy /B source.gif+source.zip target.gif
For Linux/Mac Users:
cat somefile.zip >> somefile.gif
Note: Windows users, use Winrar to retrieve the .zip file as other Zip programs fail at doing it.
There are quite many tools available to do so automatically without much hassle. One of them is Hide in Picture (Windows). As you can imagine, there are many uses for this technique:
  • You can share private things on public forums.
  • You can share sensitive information, passwords over email .
  • You can digitally fingerprint your file and cross-check for illegal distribution of your content such as PDFs or images.
  • You can have fun and play pranks ;)
Source:Life Hacker
For more info, click here.

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