Apr 17, 2007

IITJEE... the infinite dilemma..

Well, its what the people who do not get through the JEE think. For the qualifiers with a good ranking, its bliss. IITs are the dream of any future Engineer wannabe, so the hype is justified given the fact that the salary counts are astronomical figures. Coming to the point, this year's JEE consisted of two similar patterned 3 hours papers having all the three subjects. The questions were divided into 4 sections(terms in brackets signifying the marking scheme):
  • Multiple Choice questions with single option correct(+3/-1)
  • Assertion & Reasoning questions(+3/-1)
  • Comprehension/Passage based questions(+4/-1)
  • Match the followings with one or more than one option correct(+6/-0)
The papers were fairly easy when compared to the other years' papers. The negative markings, as you can see were lesser. So one could take a chance. The passage based questions were a boon for those who could capitalise and so were the match the followings. But the latter were tougher since you are awarded full marks if and only if you get all answers right. On the whole, this year, we will see a very high high-score and very tough competition for the seats.
But, the cut-offs play a vital role. One has to clear them to be even eligible for a rank. And this year, as many say, the cut-offs will be high and may decide many a turning fortunes.
Anyway, here's wishing all the IIT aspirants good luck.
And also wishing me some myself.


  1. Hmmm. damn sure cutoffs are gonna be higher this time. But you don't have ta worry dude, you're surely gonna get it. :-D

  2. Umm... I hope that your word comes true.. But its worthless if I don't get a good rank :(