Apr 28, 2007

I'll be blending again...

I had left 3D quite some time ago, due to lack of time and patience. Now I have come of age ( yeah right, I lie with a straight face) and am far more calm(:D) and stable.
So, I decide to take the plunge into 3D later this MAY '07. And the software I'll be using is (no prizes for guessing though) Blender! Yeah baby. And coupled with GIMP, there might be few astonishing results too. I'll keep you posted.

Blender is quite a powerful tool, but it takes time to fit in your work flow, if you are using it for commercial purposes(which it is used for BTW). But once you get a hang of it, its a complete 3D animation and rendering suite! But its inbuilt renderer isn't a heavy-weight, so you might want to try Indigo . Though you can also use POVray or YAFray, but nothing beats Indigo.

So, blender, I'll be coming for you baby! Watch out!


  1. Actually Blender's inbuilt is n't so bad.

  2. I never said it's bad. :D
    I say that, its not a heavy weight, and Indigo renders are far more realistic :D

    OK,ok, Blender internal renderer rocks!!