Apr 25, 2007

IRCs are a great resource...

I recently joined the sabayon IRC channel on irc.freenode.org . Its a great experience. I got most of my problems solved and made some new friends too. Its way faster than any forum and the users are very willing to help. I'll be joining a lot of other useful channels on other networks as well. Its way better than orkutting-- u can have fun as well as learn.
Its like Chat=fun+learning, that orkut/IMs don't give you. I'd say, get an IRC client outright and lets get it started!


  1. Umm.. I use the default KDE IRC client, Konversation. Besides, I also use XCHAT 2.

  2. Sigh, Me don't think M$ has a default IRC client.

    I shifted to Gaim.