Apr 18, 2007

Maintaining an offline journal...

Well, in short, its a diary. I have had the thought of maintaining one since time immemorial, but couldn't quite get to do it on a regular basis. Though, now I've come up with an idea. Now, I write in my diary everyday when I'm bored. And that's a daily occurrence, i.e, I get bored atleast once in a day. So, instead of keeping aside a fixed time for diary-ing, I do it any time of the day.

It surely works fine with me, I've been able to pull it of for a week now. And that's saying something given that I lose interest in most activities after a few days.

Maintaining a diary has some advantages, as long as it doesn't get too personal, in which case, you are always concerned about hiding it. I find these to be the points working in my favour:

  • Writing skills develop
  • Boredom killed
  • Energy used in positive analysis
  • Improves the perspective of life
This list is just an indication. Reading and writing have always been believed to have great effects on children and adults alike. So, I'm finally doing something good.
And there's always my blog.

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