Apr 17, 2007

Nokia, unmatched!

Its been over a month since this incident took place. I dropped my not-even-a-year-old Nokia 3230 in a bucket of water and it lay there, one foot deep, for 3 secs. And my phone was on at that time. You might be thinking that my phone conked off. Even I thought so. I was trembling at the thought of my DAD strangling me for the loss [:D].
The phone's screen display started to quiver, and then it shutdown. I removed the battery and put it under the sun to dry. There were some drops of water even under the fibre screen cover! I was really tensed. After 30 odd minutes of trembling in fear and hoping for the best, I put in the battery and booted it. But, nothing good happened. The phone just wouldn't start. I didn't tell my parents yet. I kept the battery wrapped in a piece of newspaper so as to soak the moisture and the phone, inverted with its battery cover open, under the fan, the whole night.
Next day
The first thing I did in the morning was to try out my phone. The heavens sang as my phone booted!! I was still sceptical regarding its functionality. But I found everything to be working just fine. Except for the Memory Card. It was corrupted. Anyway, it was a paltry 32 MB card which I would've upgraded anyway.
So much reason to rejoice and loads of accolades to NOKIA for their unmatched product quality.
Cheers to NOKIA again, and ofcourse GOD [:D].

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