Apr 23, 2007

Sabayon rocks!!!

I wanted to get beryl up and running on my fedora core 6 box. But I couldn't, now matter much I tried. Also, there were some GUI glitches in my copy of FC-6. In short, it was a good distro, but not good enough. :D

Enter Sabayon, a Gentoo based distro. Its awesome. Hardware detection is top-notch. And guess what, beryl is preinstalled. :D :D
The visuals will put Vista fans to shame. I'm loving the eye-candy and performance. It also comes pre-installed with most of the softwares you'll ever use, and the support is awesome, thanks to its Gentoo base. For the uninitiated, gentoo is an advanced linux, the distro of choice for tweaker and Unix geeks alike. Kernel recompilation in gentoo is the best so far. It really extracts the full juice of your system.
I'd recommend it to all linux enthusiasts - Sabayon is here to stay.


  1. I'm currently loving Sabayon on my laptop. Absolutely beautiful OS. Only snags I've run into are driver problems with wireless cards, but I'm willing to give the distro the benefit of the doubt since every Linux distro I've tried has had problems there.

  2. Yes indeed, its a very nice distro. As for your wireless card, there some issues. I'd suggest you ask some the people on sabayon IRC channel at irc.freenode.org ,in case you haven't already asked.
    Cheers, and wishing you a happy gentoo experience.