Apr 19, 2007

Days of LOGO...

Well, I'm not talking about the LOGO(a simple imaging program of the yore, remember the turtle? :D ) many computer users know. Its the logo as in logo :D. Sorry for that. Well actually, I designed a logo with my initials- K A. I was pretty bored prior to that, when suddenly a design flashed in my mind and I drew it on paper. Next, I fired Inkscape and GIMP and finished my logo, in 15 mins. Do post your comments as to how you found it and suggest improvements if necessary. Cheers.
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  1. The K does not come out much.If someone looked at it without knowing your name,he would think your name started with A.

  2. ^^agrees a bit. Actually had to struggle for some time to see the K. But as logo's go. Its quite good. Looks brilliant. :D

    PS:- and I thought you were going to talk about LOGO. I really loved playing with that turtle. :-D

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll surly work on it. ;)
    LOGO ?? lol...

  4. Hey, That turtle was a lot of fun. Give random fihures and commands and create works of art. :-P

  5. I think if you loose the outer black ring you have some thing nice on your hands.

    The colour combinations don't bring it out as much. Brown means dark and not clear, so you might wanna get rid of that brown. ;)

    good work.

  6. forgot to post I liked your blog, good job :)