Apr 19, 2007

Youtube - to be really banned ?

I'd personally say no, like many other users. I don't watch the controversial videos there, nor am I a regular visitor there. Then why am I supporting it, you'd think. Its because, Youtube helps me get the videos of most of the songs I'd want to d/l without having to undergo a tiring search for the mp3s. Yes, the quality might not be half as good as a decent, 128 kbps mp3, but still its good enough for many, but the extreme audiophile.
Also, at times when you want to share a video with someone, mailing him/her a 250 Mb file might not be a good idea for an average Indian, who's on dial-up or supposed Broadband. Also, there are loads of legitimate content out there, which keeps you entertained for quite sometime.
The blame game being played with Youtube isn't completely justified. Youtube gets a huge number of uploads each day. And its very difficult to filter them without sacrificing the freedom that Youtube is all about. Also, Youtube's users are to be held responsible and not Youtube. In any case, anything Google seldom turns out to be a loss, so don't expect Youtube to go down the drain yet. For those who want to listen to "Stairway to heaven" by Led Zeppelin without searching a lot, head over to Youtube.
Its a boon in disguise if used properly.


  1. Hmmm, can't blame YouTube for the content on its site. :| if they try to filter all that, they might as well shut it down. Besides, YouTube's community usually flags videos.

    and as far as video DLoads are concerned. P2P rocks. :-D

  2. Yeah... P2P rocks.. though haven't tried it yet..but will definitely have to use it soon enough.
    Youtube is good for 10-15 mins Vids... and thats mostly music videos or short video excerpts.. thats pretty much it. I myself don't use it much other than when I don't find a particular mp3 on the net.. Since Youtube is legal, I'm happy with it.. :D