May 26, 2007

DIDO - One Step too Far

Man... I heard this song 'One Step Too Far' last night and was bowled out by the music/voice and the song as a whole... DIDO definitely rocks...

Its sung by DIDO and it features Faithless. Awesome Dance number. A must Download.


  1. u liked this one!!!hmmmm
    and well this ain't a dance number at to dance in slow motion! and well it does hurt me when someone says it like that...a better heading will be "DIDO POPS"...Rock is at least 1 million light years from Dido.

  2. Well, Yeah. I liked this one.This one rocked for me. I'm not surprised that you didn't like it.

    Some people are rather conservative when it comes to their music. While, I'm not. I seem to enjoy many genres and its more of an intelligent decision.

    I had no intention of comparing Rock with this number, though. Some rock singers, say BONO, can't even sing :P .... Yeah, thats right.... And people call him great! Bullshit.....

    Now on...think more than once ,before you hurl an assault on anyone's choices and tastes OK ? Its very subjective....

  3. @ Kaustav
    I am a conservative???? Whow!! Tell that to any of my frnds and they will have the laugh of their lives. Man u don't know enough singers as I know genres. In this regard you are still quite immature to call me conservative.

    And yes I totally agree with you, tastes do differ.

    As for that take on Bono, it was indeed very cheap and clearly shows your lack of any definite knowledge of the music world. It's not only the music, it's the ideology as well. But unfortunately this is lost upon most people who run after this bubblegum pop.

    As for me assaulting your choices, get your facts right.

    Fanboys??? Well near about.

  4. Okay Okay, Chill. I hope I can act as an arbitrator? I believe my experience of music is enough to let me comment.

    0)Feel free to ignore this load of crap.

    1) Music is a personal thing. What appeals to one may not appeal to another. Case in Point Animesh likes U2, I don't(Yes you read that right, I don't) but you don't find me hurling abuses at all those who like U2. So chillax. Live and let live.

    2) People, Calm down and please read what you've written, Coz later you might regret it.

    3) If you don't like someone's opinion. Ignore it.

    4) Ahem, Ideology? :-P


  5. @ Neelu

    Ideology?????? Of course!!!!!!! That's the thing which separates Rock from other crap. Every rock band has their own ideology. U2 has their own, Nirvana had their own, RATM was always leaking it.

  6. Meh, their only ideology is to make money. :|

    But hey, I listen coz I like it. So what do I know?

    Rock has no ideology BTW.

    But hey, your views. India is a free country.

  7. Ahem...I would like you to go at least once through their biographies. Wikipedia may do just fine.

    BTW, remember DIY?

  8. Dude, Wikipedia is not God. A lot of wikipedia reads like fanfic.

    Although I'll agree with the point about RATM. RATM was really rocking for a cause.

    BTW, Yes I remember.

  9. Hmmm...who said Wikipedia is God?? Or even near about?

    Ah yes! A lot of articles there do seem like a fanfic, but you would have to agree that major articles have been edited quite meticulously.

    As for U2, forget their calls to President Bush from their live shows asking him to stop the Iraq war?? Forgot 'The Fly'? Forgot 'Mr. MacPhisto'?

    As for Nirvana, forgot the ethics of grunge?? The struggle against corporates which they symbolized? The principles of DIY?

    Of course there are a lot of so called rock bands who do not have anything of that sort. A case in point is Bon Jovi.

    Sadly I may like them, maybe even love them, but admiration and respect are reserved for the select few.

  10. I can't comment about U2 coz of well personal prejudice. U2's struggle looked more like publicity. :-??

    Nirvana, I'll give in there.

    BTW, What about Eminem's raps? eh? That can also be called ideology. Indeed almost all rappers have ideology.

  11. I am glad that at last you got the point.

    Well I cited U2 just an example. There are numerous other bands like them.

    About rappers, of course even they have a ideology. But mostly an destructive ideology. An evil of the 'American 21st Century'. There are indeed a few rappers who do rap about good things or at least not about absolutely sick things. But they are extremely few in number.

    Take Eminem for instance. I love the guy raps. I like his songs, his melodies. But as far as his 'ideology' is concerned, it sucks to the core.