May 20, 2007

Look maa! I play the guitar...

I recently got a six string acoustic guitar for myself.
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Thats my guitar :D
I have been fascinated by a guitar ever since I got into rock. Also, a guitar complements my singing ;) . I just bought it 5 days ago and am happy with the progress I'm making.. I'm learning on my own. And I'm loving every second of the practice schedule.

The site I'm learning from is . I've thus far learnt these :
  • Nine open chords
  • The E phrygian Scale
  • The Blues Scale
  • Few strumming patterns
  • The Notes on the Fret
Well, I'm still struggling with the quick switching between chords. Some help would be appreciated .

I'm planning to accomplish these in the coming days:
  • Learn Power and Barre chords
  • Master F-chord and be able to play all nine basic chords at will
  • Be able to switch chords gracefully
  • Be able to memorise and play notes on the fretboard at will
  • Be able to play some basic songs with basic strumming pattern
Thats all folks.


  1. Congrats for your guitar man. Looks good. But man ur wishlist is crazy, the things that u have outlines won't take place in 'coming days', but actually in 'coming months' if u practice for abt 3 years daily.

  2. You bet ray..... Meet me someday will you?

  3. it depends on how u ur 'coming days'. lets say it stands for 29 (Since after 30 it will the 'coming month'). so lets meet somewhere after 29 days. and yes, i bet 100rs. (and maybe a treat as well) :)

  4. Done.... Dude, I can already switch chords fairly well now after some heavy practice... And have memorised the notes on the 5th and 6th string already.... F-chord thoda gadbad hai... par ho jayega....

    Wish me luck... :D

  5. I love the Title of this blog...:)
    And write up tells about your dedication. :)
    What did your maa say when she came to know? :)