May 21, 2007

T.A.T.T.O.O ~

Err... I guess its a bit late to blog on it but nevertheless, here I am. I recently participated in a Designing Contest . Here are the details...
THEME : No Theme ( Go Crazy, you can choose your own theme)
IMAGES :Image -

SOFTWARE :Photoshop (No Other Software will be Permitted)
ENTRY : Submit only 1 entry to
SUBMISSION DATE :Last Date for submission Tuesday - 8th May 2007
JUDGE : The ever sensational Sapna Bhavnani
WINNER: Sapna will pick 3 winners with the best artwork.
Winners win exciting gifts courtesy Green Ozone
Winners will be Declared on Monday 9th May 2007.

RULES : You have to Design on Image of the Arm provided .
Whether you want to put a small tattoo or go ahead and tattoo the entire arm is totally your call.
No use outside elements of images/sketches will be permitted.
You can only use Photoshop and all it's contents to design
your tattoo artwork.
Submit your artwork in the same intact image size provided by me.
Any Clarifications do feel free to post.
All Decisions made by Sapna are final.
This contest is not affiliated with Orkut.
You need to be a member of the Graphic Grind Community to Participate in this contest and ofcourse you need to be currently residing in India.

Have Fun...Get Creative...Go Wild...Use your Imagination…Ink Away

All the Best to Everyone taking part….hope to see some wild stuff……Cheers.

Warm Regards,
Brian D'Souza
(Graphic Grind)
And here's my entry (Click on the image to enlarge):
And guess what! I won it!! I got a great Music CD , courtesy :Green Ozone.


  1. hello there, i was Googling in search of some indian motive tattoo idea and chanced upon your site. It's a very cool design! good job :)..
    And I am still in search of something.. for a real tattoo.. :)

  2. I liked it... It's sick man! I want to see the arm other side...

  3. I liked it... It's sick man! I want to see the arm other side...

  4. Looks really awesome...
    Would love to have parts of it as a tattoo on my arm !

  5. Hi I am looking for some small cool tattoo to go on my shoulder but can't find one if any one seen one or know on please E-mail at thanks