Jun 30, 2007

Love at first sight ? Meh~

Yeah. It doesn't happen. And if it happens to you, then you've been watching a bit too much of Bollywood masala. Why I say this is that we guys(or gals maybe. I don't really care) have been suffering a lot from the love bug these days. We desperately search for a girl-friend. Yeah, not all of em, but most of em. While there's nothing wrong in having a girl-friend, but we end up loving each girl we stumble upon. Yeah, infatuation and not love, is what is bothering us. A kweshun : Why do we need a girl-friend ( The label), when we have great friends ( male and female ) ?

The answer isn't known to me. And I have other things, yeah, more productive things to do than falling in love with every single girl I meet and talk to. Why should I GAF ? Frankly speaking, these days, I don't. A dear friend pointed correctly that whats the use of having a gf if 'I can't speak to her or share my feelings and experiences properly ? Its way better to have good close friends then.'

So folks, next time you see a girl and feel that you're in love, and after making her your gf , you still can't take your voyeuristic eyes off the seductive girl next-door, then kick yourself hard and blame Ekta Kapoor and the Hindi film industry.

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