Jun 5, 2007

Thats My Phone! ---> A Blender WIP~

Was just pondering about doing a mechanical model. So, thought of modelling my phone. I was initially confused as to what technique I should apply while modelling.( I didn't use any reference photos. Modelled it while the phone was kept in front of me)

  • First, I thought that I'd model it as a single continuous mesh using poly-by-poly. That didn't work out well as there were a lot of edge loops and manually extruding and making faces would take an eternity
  • Second time, I thought about box modelling it into a single mesh. The problem here was that again the fine-tuning would be very very hectic.
  • Finally, I realised that I should model each element of it, separately using poly-by-poly/box modelling wherever necessary.
So. It finally worked out to some extent. It took me around 8 hrs to do. Yeah, thats a bit too much, but not bad for a relatively new user.

Here's the model's render:

Note: Its still a WIP. So there might be iterations to it (That is if and when I feel like it) :D

Update :
I have just PP-ed the previous render in GIMP.


  1. good work with modeling, looks low detailed, but then its WIP.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Looks Good. It seems a bit blocky. And I can't see the joystick. When the rest of the model is showing up, and there's a black spot where the joystick should be....not good.

  3. I like it because it took 8 hours. I have done things on photoshop for a similar length of time...don't know why I can't give up trying...feel like a maniac when I am stuck into things like these, but it is kind of addictive ...this desire to make it perfect.