Nov 14, 2007

Its Childrens' Day ?

Whoa! I didn't even realise it was Children's day until I heard about it on FM today. Seriously speaking, even till class 12th, I knew of it a long time before the date. Yeah, that used to be our day. We used to have performances put up by our teachers and all of us friends used to make it a point to exploit the day to the max. Till class 10th, we used to have a Teachers v/s students cricket match scheduled on that day every year and the teachers managed to win it every time...
I still remember those days and sigh at times... But its different now. We aren't exactly children, being 19 and hence 'No Children's Day' for us. *sigh* Dunno about my other friends, but I really missed those performances, those matches, that masti without any inhibition. Anyway, in college we manage to have that last bit every day :P

Note: The countdown to Sems begins. 19 days to go :)

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  1. Ah yes. I must say, it was sometime before I realised it was Children's day. I miss those days.