Nov 15, 2007

Its getting khooooler...

Yeah right, the winter has come. Add to that short bouts of drizzle and you get a cool cool Kolkata. Days are getting shorter, the nights, longer. Also, the duration of my sleep is increasing. I don't quite have proper winter clothing and I can't really go home before 25th Dec. Gah~ I'll have to make do with just one pull-over and a jacket.
Winter also means that bathing frequency decreases. Aah...can't think of more things that Winter relates to... Someone help me ?


  1. nice long walks with snowflakes plonking on your head....only,there ARE no snowflakes in can imagine it though.

  2. :)

    And the warm, sweet and gayish smell of 4 weeks old sockes ?

    No nice thoughs... :( any help ?