Nov 22, 2007

First day at an Internet Center

I've been thinking of posting this since a very long time. My first entry to my most visited section of the college - The Internet Kiosk.

Having become a net-addict by the end of our competitive exams, I would very often be seen hooked on to Orkutting, Chatting, Forumming and Googling... Then came 22th July and I had to part off with my Internet connection. 10 days passed. *sigh* Really long they were. It was 1 August. My first day at college. I'd already known that it had an Internet center where students could surf the NET. I heaved a very long sigh.

I merrily entered into it on 2nd Aug. For your kind information, all the PCs are powered by either FC or RHEL. The Net admin narrated me a long list of strict no-nos inside the center. Here they are:
  • 1 hour/day or 1 sitting /day, whichever is earlier.
  • No Chatting. ( All GAIMing ports are blocked. Infact most ports are.)
  • No Orkutting. ( Majority of proxies are blocked)
  • No Music, Sports sites.
  • No downloading warez. (Even if you did, how would you carry em back home ? No USB ports/CD/Floppy Drives :)
  • This one's pretty obvious. No P***.
Yeah. I know. Although there are loads of way through these restrictions, once caught, you're screwed. The above things can be bypassed by:
  • Use Meebo.(Dunno why its not blocked) Or use Gmail, or use yahoo's chat widget. Simple.
  • There are loads of new domains which lead to the famous proxy sites. Hence, no website restrictions anymore. Also, new proxies crop up everyday. Keep an eye on them.
  • Download through proxies.
For the last two however, there's no solution. Anyway, who's want to really download stuffs at a measly 15KBps :P

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