Nov 8, 2007

Nascent 2007

That..... was our freshers. It was organised on 3rd Nov and we really had a a blast. We had 3 separate band performances within the college and they performed a couple of songs by Pantera, Nirvana, IM and a few more. Guitarists and the drummers literally rocked the Auditorium.... Yeah, we also had some really ...really sexy dances being performed by some seniors and some hip-hop fusion dance performances by our college dance troupe. We ECE dept guys didn't have our dept. freshers before. This was the only fresher party given to us. Yeah, the only one. *sigh* . A DJ-nite was organised complete with disco lights, a non-existent DJ, some loud music and 5% girls among the crowd....*sigh*

Naaa... we enjoyed it all. This was perhaps the first time I saw a pro rock band performing live in front of me.... That was Resurrection, our college band. However, a fucking power-cut after their 'Rape me' performance really sucked.... they had 6 more songs in their play list.... Gah~ anyway, we'll get our share of music in the Eclecia-2007 fer sure... \m/


  1. 3rd November? Weren't you guys a bit stale by then? :P

    But looks like you had fun. Rock on. :)

    BTW is Eclecia-2007 your college's Cultural fest?

  2. Yup... we did. And yes, its our cultural fest. Whats up with u these days ?

  3. Ah. I'm fine. We had our freshers and had fun. Let's see what our Cultfest will be like. :P

    Still haven't met up with you in Kolkata. Will do so soon.

  4. Well... I was really hoping the same. I heard you guys have exams from 26th Nov ? In case thats right... I'll meet sometime before 26th... ok?

  5. Yes. You heard right. And certainly.

    When be thine exams?

  6. 3rd Dec. But a slight change in plan. Will be able to meet only when the next sem starts... And that would be 12th Jan.