Mar 29, 2008

My Life in Kolkata

Seven Months have passed. The Eight is under way.

Its been exactly the mentioned time span since I entered college and have been living in a hostel. I live in a Metro. I live in Kolkata. The life is just so different given that you are your own guardian now. While its been tough at times, time has also strengthened me mentally. Its also slimmed me somewhat. Now that, would be attributed to the routined-junk-food-ing habits that I've developed after coming to college.

I still remember the day before our orientation-programme at college. It was 31st July. I along with couple of my hostel-mates went for some shopping to Gariahat. That was my first outing after having arrived at Kolkata .The market-scene wasn't very different from that in Asansol or Durgapur, but there were some obvious differences. One could see many a Big-Brand showrooms and one could see the trams. One could see busy commuters and traffic jams. We don't have much of the latter, back at my place. Much sooner, I got to know about the various places of interests for teenagers and college-goers in Kolkata. These include some very big Malls, Multiplexes and Shopping Complexes. The Science City however, is one of the good places I still haven't visited yet. I went there last way back in 1999. However, my commuting on most days was self-restricted between hostel and college. I didn't mind it though, given the lively atmosphere we have here in our hostel. One doesn't get bored.

As days progressed, I frequented to Jadavpur University(JU). A cousin and a friend study Arts there.With each visit, I started interacting more with
their friends and bonded pretty well with them. So now, I had friends even outside the domain of school, college and hostel.

Then, there was a noble discovery made by one of the hostel-mates. He found out a computer gaming cafe near our hostel which was fairly cheap as compared to the Reliance Web Worlds and Sify Gamedromes. The machines weren't as powerful. However, many very popular games run without a problem on them. Our 1st semester University Exams were postponed and we started gaming in the interlude. Now that, was just the beginning. We folks continue spending cash and time gaming Counter-Strike and DOTA in that cafe.

College. Now it deserves a space of its own but frankly, for me, the life sans college is a lot more fun-filled. It means, I rather have more fun outside it than inside. For obvious reasons.

I mentioned that I've become mentally tougher. How ? It stems from the increased human interaction and exposure to various demanding scenarios. I had to take decisions on my own and had to find my way through situations that seemed difficult at that time. I no longer have the complete shelter of my parents. Its rather a good thing to be exposed to a realistic world which coughs up tricks directly at you.

This account still doesn't even come close to my experience, but I guess, I might be able to keep better track of the events by posting regularly on this blog.



  1. Heh Heh. Same with almost all of us, I guess. :P

    Living outside does change you in many ways. Good or bad, who knows?

  2. :)

    Yep, same with all those who came out of homes post high-school. So,what has it changed you for ? For me,its mostly for the good 0:)

  3. Reminds me of my hostel days..though very very short they were...I had a face off with the hostel in-charge and was charged enough to leave it the next day. I think that has matured me.... :P I kept travelling to and fro for the rest of the years spending 3 to 4 hours on journey alone. Used to carry a big big that people feel I go for trekking.