Mar 31, 2008


I had my birthday recently. Yes, on the 7th of March. I turned Nineteen. Subsequently, I realised that I would be Twenty, the next year, signaling the end of my teenage.
Not a bad thing. Or maybe it is ? Most would miss their teenage. I certainly would. But, why so ? I found a nice little link when I was searching for online opinion of people regarding this end of teenage era. Its a small article written by a women, titled 'Son’s birthday marks the end of teenage era'. An interesting read.

Teenage years for me have been in one word - Fun. Back in school we had friends, their crushes, silly fights and kiddish conspiracies. And had inter-school rivalries. We had silly definitions of love, had more liking for anime(I still do) and WWE. We had ample time to play in the fields.

As we entered in high-school, we entered the rat-race. But still, we had friends, their crushes, silly fights and kiddish conspiracies.However now, we had lesser time to play. Exams came, we appeared, we passed. Entrance exams came, we appeared, we qualified.

Teenage came, we lived, we passed.
I'm sure, you will have a much better account of teenage. Tell me.

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