Oct 2, 2008

Aah! 3rd Semester is

Seemingly different and sure it is. A lot has changed in my 2nd year in college. The best change to have taken place is 'the shifting to the on-campus hostel'. The life here is simply great, as is the case with hostels in general .
Then, you have the juniors, the lateral entries, the convergence of branches, the LAN and the CLAN( All hail the todlrz!) :P

P.S: This post was just an attempt to resurrect a dying blog :) For any info on 'todlrz', ask me :)

Yeah, one more thing. Fossils came to our college on the 27th of Sept for the management fest- Prarambh. The show was cool, loud and musical.


  1. So finally you are back here, Blogging!! good for me.. by the way, do you guys use DC++ for file sharing??

  2. We use IP-Messenger. Its more common in our hostel. Noone knows about DC++ there ... haha.. I've used it though~