Oct 2, 2008

At 3 AM, with a broken Rubik's Cube in my hand...

...I fell asleep.
I had a Rubik's Cube which I bought 3 years back. I guess it wasn't meant for serious solvers. So I didn't ever bother solving it then. It was neatly residing atop my bookshelf's upper rack - Until recently.

I had a chat with an online friend yesterday and he said to me, he has a Rubik's cube solving contest coming up this weekend and so, he was practising. It got me interested. On being asked how he learned? He said, it was self-learned, with some help from his friends. He also said, solving it was easy, just that it was difficult to build up speed. THAT very instant, I thought of reaching out to my
cube and dig up the net for some info on its solution. Its not that hard after all. It was 2:37am.

My cube was jammed, meaning the faces wouldn't rotate smooothly. I was doing good progress, but suddenly the cube got stuck. It just wouldn't rotate. I applied pressure and 4 small blocks came off the cube. The cube broke apart. Although, I reassembled it, I had no clue whether I put the pieces in the right positions. Meaning, the cube is useless now.

And then... I slept. It was 3 am.

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  1. there is something about this article that makes me feel sad...can't place it..