Jun 11, 2009

Lists !

This is a checklist that I made way back in 2007 for the month of May. I was quite a Technology enthusiast back then. But I could hardly learn up as much as I would've wanted during that period.

Here's the same list again, grouped under the ones I could do, and those that are still untouched

Could do :

  • Blender (a hell lot more to learn and achieve)
  • GIMP (quite a lot learn and practise)
  • Blogging (erratic )
  • Digital Music (Not much variety)
  • Tech Forums (Early periods only)
  • Linux (Basic usage)
  • Open Source Programming (If C is OS)
  • Javascript/HTML (Developed a web-site)
Haven't touched :
  • Network Hacking
  • Digital Matte painting
  • JAVA
My List of things to do in the vacations has changed significantly. I will make a list as soon as my 4th Semester exams get over.

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