Jun 11, 2009


Most of us make them. And majority of us fail to keep up. And then we make them again, trying twice as hard to abide by.

I've observed that most resolutions are aimed at 'self improvement'. Some resolute to quit smoking, while some promise themselves that they'll shed weight and inches within 6 months. Whatever one's resolution be, failing at keeping up is something that's easy to do. Not all fail though.

What lacks in the ones who fail is, a suitable 'plan' and its efficient 'execution'. Furthermore, the golden aid seems to be a strong 'willpower'. While it is easy to spell out and say aloud, its a difficult quality to develop, if you lack it in the first place.

I'm not trying to preach anything here. I'm essentially just trying to remind myself of the reasons why I fail at keeping up with my resolutions. But no one wants to fail, right ?
So what does one do ?

As an aftereffect of this thought, what I've been trying to do is, to think actively about every action of mine and prevent myself from performing anything, that negates the purpose of my resolution. Off late, I've been trying to plan out almost everything, in small logical chunks and execute them phase-wise. Also, actively having a clear picture of the end result provides a positive impetus.
It works for me.

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